Responsible Freedom

I’ve read that one of the highest forms of responsibility is the responsibility to be free and one of the highest forms of freedom is the freedom to be responsible. This took me some time to fully understand. […]

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Asking Questions

When we are children, we ask many questions, all the time, about everything. We excitedly inhale adventure, learning, discovery, and love, without feeling or receiving judgment. When growing older, many abandon this openness to learn and explore. Not allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in the name of growth. We are not ok with not knowing […]

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Starting A Business – Together.

Owning your own business is not for everyone. It can be a little frightening to consider going off on your own and taking that leap of faith. But if you have an entrepreneurial soul, there is no other path to take other than one determined by your own hand. The experience of learning, failing, and […]

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Change Management

It is frequently stated that there are two things guaranteed in life – change and death. Both can create a great stir and unsettling in our understanding of our internal and external worlds. Change is constant – death is constant. Neither can be avoided or escaped. Change can feel like death – death is change. […]

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Build Your Brand Reputation

Before you decide to put in all the work required in becoming known (last blog posting), it is most important to create a cohesive and strong brand that is consistent and creates a positive perception. You need to build a strong brand reputation by concisely and consistently using language and visual communication and philosophy that […]

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Becoming Known

I never really understood the draw of social media. I thought it, all of it was a bit of a waste of time, a step in the wrong direction in terms of keeping the human connection alive and well, and I quite honestly didn’t want much to do with it. It was too mechanical, too […]

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Thoughts never fleeting, ever-present but lightly held, as light as the wind that swept the tall grasses on the Pleasant Valley dessert hill. She sat, watching the bend of the golden grasses, ebb, and flow, creating masses of undulating and juxtaposed waves that bent to each other and bowed, as if in their final desperate […]

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A Single Point Of Focus

Scattered rays of sunshine unite to a single point of focus, it is then that the fire of creation is ignited. I find myself scattered at times – seemingly a thousand things to accomplish and having no idea how to do it all – because ultimately, I want to do it all, and do it […]

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Tribute To Perseverance

I haven’t sat down and drawn; I mean seriously hand-drawn anything for about 25 years. I’ve sketched, doodled, scratched indecipherable structures and stick-ish figures, and somewhat cute caricatures of creatures imagined but not much more. I could blame it on not having enough free time or having too many distractions from life’s busy work. But […]

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Bared In Bright Light

She was revealed, an imposter, not worthy of accolades, reverence, or appreciation of any minuscule degree. Not even worthy of a sympathetic pat on the back or a helping hand as she lay body deep in the sticky and sour filth of self-sacrificing confidence lost. It was clear for all to see, she could be […]

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Paul Mellender

We had met for but a brief moment, a decade or so ago, and in our brevity shared polite chatter and conversation of art song which continued on and off since. I was captivated and intrigued by this man, what made him tick, his work, and why this creative genius stationed himself in this small […]

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Who Art Thou? It Is Me.

“Artist…and that should be enough, wouldn’t you agree?” Paul Mellender These wise words didn’t ring true within me until recently when I expanded my wings with the writing of this blog and started to re-immerse myself into the world of artists through research and investigation. In the pursuit of my MBA degree, I am taking […]

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Analog > Digital

(First a disclaimer: no one was hurt before or after the making of the above sketch…just some fun between old friends bored to death in a classroom – he was quite amused I promise). I clearly recall sitting in front of my first Apple computer, at the eleventh hour on a weeknight in 1996 – […]

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Trust Me – I’m Your Type

I command respect from you. I do not need to stomp and sputter, expel my degrees and position, or surround myself with yea-sayers. No! I shall quietly tower over you, my size impressed upon you, a monolith echoing power without much more than a whisper of effort needed to reveal my existence or importance. Here […]

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My 1000 Colors

A young girl, with straight brown bobbed-cut hair, in boy jeans, and awkward in her own constitution, drew a picture of a crane and entered it in a school contest. The following week, her drawing was returned to her with a blue ribbon displaying the words, “first place” attached to it. Years passed and many […]

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Give Me Space – I’m Important

You enter a room (this is not the start of a bad joke I promise) – shoulder-to-shoulder denseness fills from wall to wall and head tops rise and fall reminiscent of rugged mountain tops. The mass of humanity is indecipherable, intolerable – pressing on you. It is suffocating, stressful, and a space you seek to […]

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The Vermilion In Me

Color is the endmost communication tool. It can convey meaning all on its own. Colors seep into your subconscious calling to free your imagination, expose your desires, reveal loves or losses – your fears – or leave you to ruminate in its saturation. In its ubiquitous state, without so much a supporting word, sound, or […]

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